Ghost anoint Cardinal Copia to Papa Emeritus IV at only 2020 show

Papa Emeritus IV has arrived!

March 4, 2020
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Swedish rock band Ghost have officially given a fond farewell to Cardinal Copia. Copia was the latest persona of Ghost’s mastermind Tobias Forge.

At their final show of the Prequelle tour, Copia was surrounded by the Sisters of Sin and anointed to become Papa Emeritus IV. Check out some videos below. 

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Commanding legions of fans under the joyous guise of an elaborate Satanic church, Ghost seemingly have the power to manifest any whim that bandleader/visionary Forge can conjure. 

Papa Emeritus debuted alongside the release of Ghost’s first album Opus Eponymous in 2010. Since then, each successive Ghost album has promoted a new character to fulfill Papa Emeritus’ roles. Pape Emeritus 0 was the most recent iteration and was portrayed as an older man with a walker and oxygen tank. Following that, in 2018 Cardinal Copia was revealed who would become the vocalist for Ghost. 

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Now, Ghost has officially anointed Copia to the position of Papa Emeritus IV.

The switch happened mid-set at their final show of 2020 in Mexico City. During the saxophone solo in “Miasma,” Papa Nihil (an ancestor to the other Papas) suddenly died. Cardinal Copia walked out onstage to “Arrival” by Swedish pop group ABBA. First, the Sisters of Sin surrounded him. After a couple of minutes, he reemerged as the beautifully robed Papa Emeritus IV. This new Papa is adorned in a dark blue robe with gold trim. Following the show, Ghost took to social media to thank Mexico City for such a warm welcome to the new frontman. 

Gracias México City for your hospitality and warmth. We couldn’t pick a better place to witness the anointment of Cardinal Copia to Papa Emeritus IV. Papa and the ghouls are incredibly thankful for all your wonderful gifts. Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2021. 

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Watch a fan-video of the official transformation below. 

Unfortunately, this is almost 100% Ghost’s final show of 2020. Forge previously spoke with Mike Sorensen at the Herald-Whig about 2020 plans. 

“There will be very little touring. To be specific, it’s going to be absolutely zero touring in 2020,” Forge says. “The year is going to be spent making a new record, a new record that will come out in 2021, the beginning of 2021, and then we’re looking at eighteen months of touring again. Next year is going to be, at least from a touring point of view, off.”

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We’re sure it will take some time until we fully know how this Papa Emeritus will behave, but judging by the aesthetic concept, we have a lot to look forward to with Ghost’s next album. 

Check out some more fan reactions and footage below. 

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Tell us what you think of Ghost’s new Papa Emeritus IV in the comments below!

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Written by Koltan Greenwood