[Photo by: Mikael Eriksson]

With Ghost gaining a massive following over the past few years, a lot of people are trying to claim their fanbase wouldn’t care about the music if it weren’t for their outlandish imagery.

Frontman Tobias Forge recently spoke to Mitch Lafon and says if the music was truly bad “we would not have been here.”

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Forge was asked about the importance of the band’s imagery and explains the band’s music was catching on in underground scenes long before anyone knew what they looked like.

“I can honestly say that anyone who listened to Ghost early on did so without knowing what it looked like, what it was going to be looking like, so I know for a fact that the first thousands of people that started liking Ghost did so without even knowing what it looked like,” says Forge.

While the imagery of the band has become equal to the music itself, the musician explains that while it’s a lot of work to put together their stage set up, the music is still just as important.

“I’d say that if we had a real kick-ass image – if the image here was great, we had the bombs and the fire and all that… but if the song stunk, we would not have been here,” says Forge. “For me, they go in tandem. For me, it’s, like, my work, my job is to write cool songs for Ghost and we package it in this awesome sort of theatrical show. I don’t spend much time trying to overanalyze that. It is what it is, I just try to improve it.”

You can watch the entire interview in the player below.

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