[Photo by: GhostBCVEVO/YouTube]

Ghost have officially announced their new album, Prequelle, and released their new song “Rats.”

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Earlier this month, the band introduced their “new frontman” Cardinal Copia, and after sharing a teaser of “Rats,” we can finally hear the song in full.

Watch the band’s new music video for “Rats” below:

Prequelle is due out June 1, and it’s currently available for preorder here.

Check out the track listing below:

1. “Ashes”
2. “Rats”
3. “Faith”
4. “See The Light”
5. “Miasma”
6. “Dance Macabre”
7. “Pro Memoria”
8. “Witch Image”
9. “Helvetesfonster”
10. “Life Eternal”