[Photos by: Ghost/Facebook, Rihanna/Instagram]

Does the pope wear a funny hat?

Quasi-mysterious heavy metal band Ghost were obviously watching Rihanna's stunning display on the Met Gala red carpet Monday evening, as the masked Swedish rockers posted a “Message From The Clergy” regarding the superstar singer's choice of pontifical headgear. See it below.

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“We wish to inform you imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” Ghost responded in the terse (but kinda funny?) declaration. “Thank you, [Rihanna],” they added. By way of deduction, I guess that means the actual Pope Francis should be, like, super flattered by Ghost's shtick. Right?

And, of course, a “pope hat” (which, from what the internet tells me, is actually called a miter) has obviously never been worn by anyone outside of the papacy in any sort of secular, costuming fashion—for sure! So, Ghost probably have the right to take umbrage with Bad Girl RiRi biting their style.

See you in church!

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