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This “Ghosted” Halloween costume is actually a real thing

Being an actual ghost for Halloween is so overrated.

September 23, 2018
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What’s scarier than a ghost? Being ‘ghosted,’ obviously.

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Party City is selling a new “Ghosted” Halloween costume this year, turning you into the “physical manifestation of the modern dating concept of ‘ghosting.'”

Marketed only towards women, the white dress is covered in unanswered messages and emoijs.

“If someone’s blowing up your phone, ghost them in a Ghosted Costume for women!” the party company’s costume description reads, encouraging women to “ghost” others.

“The costume is a hooded white dress designed to look like a ghost with a series of unanswered texts on the front. The texts include “???,” “R U OK!?,” and more. Eager texters will know not to bother you in this Ghosted Costume!”

You can take a look at the costume below. Party City is actually selling it here, for $24.99.

[Photo by: Party City]

What do you think about this “ghosted” costume? Lame or kind of funny? Sound off in the comments!

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