good charlotte my chemical romance band meme
[Photo: Good Charlotte/Ville Juurikkala]

A hilarious new meme circling Twitter is asking music lovers to contemplate where bands like Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance and more came up with their names. 

Twitter user @siddiqrahamut kicked off the new internet phenomenon with a simple question — ”Is Charlotte even good?” 

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Then, he continued to ask more questions about Major Lazor, Fort Minor and Papa Roach. 

Then, so many other people hopped on the bandwagon, asking questions about so many of our favorite acts. A Day To Remember, Taking Back Sunday, Limp Bizkit, Simple Plan and Panic! At The Disco all got dragged into it. Check out some of the tweets below. 

We seriously hope these keep coming, because they’re hilarious.

More news

Speaking of Good Charlotte, the band recently featured on Vic Mensa’s punk project’s self-titled debut album 93PUNX. 

The band feature on the song “it’s a bad dream”. The album was executive produced by blink-182 drummer Travis Barker and dropped last week. 

You can listen to the full record below. 


What do you think of the hilarious band memes? Sound off in the comments down below!

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