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UPDATE: MAY 21, 2018 AT 12:30 P.M. ET

Good Charlotte has been teasing something over the past couple of weeks, and while we still have no clear answer as to what it is, we at least have a date when the teasing should come to an end. 

Earlier today, the band shared a cryptic video of the skeleton/corpse figures we've been seeing in different clips on the band's Instagram account. While we've seen these strange, and creepy, figures in past videos, we haven't seen any clues as to what it is their teasing—until now. 

At the end of the video, the date May 25, 2018, appears and we can only assume that this Friday, the band will finally announce whatever is going on. 

We've been wracking our brains on what this announcement could be. A new song? Album? Has the band decided to go goth?

We're not so sure. 

What we do know is that the teasing is coming to an end on May 25, and we're beyond ready to see what Good Charlotte has been teasing. 


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UPDATE: MAY 16, 2018 AT 9 P.M. ET

Good Charlotte are still teasing their next move—but now things are getting a bit weird.

After a couple weeks worth of GIFs featuring band pictures, now other artists are getting the skeleton/corpse treatment on Good Charlotte's Instagram. And there's more: The GIF also includes the band's logo and “Actual Pain.”

If you're anything like us, two possibilites have run through your mind: The first is Good Charlotte are sharing music that has been inspiring them, and the second is the band is planning a covers album, named “Actual Pain.” Makes sense, right?

Not so much when you check out who are the artists gracing their Instagram page. So far, Good Charlotte have posted the cover art for Garth Brooks' “Ropin' The Wind,” Celine Dion's “Let's Talk About Love” and Kenny G's “Breathless.”

Guys, weren't you supposed to be dropping hints? You're just confusing us right now!

You can check the pictures for yourself and please let us know if you have any idea of what's going on.

ORIGINAL STORY: May 7, 2018 AT 1 P.M. ET

Throw all your hands up—Good Charlotte are teasing something on Instagram! The band took to social media on Monday to post some mysterious band pics, and fans are left wondering what's up the veteran rockers' sleeves.

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Take a look at the two images GC posted below. One appears to be an early photo of the band, the other a more recent snap. Both, however, are animated GIF clips that feature the band members' faces quickly flickering into some sort of zombie/skeleton/corpse paint visage. What does it mean?

Are Good Charlotte going goth? Is this all in anticipation of a new album? Only time will tell: The band's latest full-length was 2016's Youth Authority, so we're probably due for a batch of new Good Charlotte tunes. This is exciting stuff!

Anyway, check it out here, and sound off in the comments—let us know what you think GC are up to with these posts.


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