Just because you’ve turned off your location history, that doesn’t mean Google hasn’t stopped tracking your location.

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A new report by the Associated Press has found that Google services on your Android and Apple devices are still storing location data, even if you opt out of it through the privacy settings on your device.

In the report, AP found that certain Google services, like browser search history, Google Maps and the weather, are still being used to track your location.

So, even if you have your location services off, certain apps are still taking “time-stamped location data” and storing it, without asking your permission.

There is, however, a way to get Google to stop tracking your movements completely: turning off the “Web and App Activity” in your settings.

While it may not reference location, it’s a setting, enabled by default, that stores certain information from any given app.

Once you turn off, or pause, the “Web and App Activity” setting, Google will no longer be able to store your location with the various snapshots and time stamps of the places its taken from apps like Google Maps.

As AP reports, it’s important to turn both off because if you leave “Web and App Activity” on and your location history off, it only stops Google from adding data to your “timeline,” which shows the movements of your daily travels.

Additionally, you can delete all of the stored location markers by yourself. Per the report, you can see all of your stored data at myactivity.google.com.