[Photo by: Google/Gmail]

Details about Google's new Gmail redesign have leaked, which reportedly includes a feature that would allow you to set a self-destruction timer on emails. 

Yeah, you read that right. Self-destructing emails may very soon be a thing.

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Boasting an impressive 1.2 billion users, it's safe to say that Gmail is hard to live without for most. If you're like us, you have multiple email accounts that you check regularly both in the Gmail app on your phone and in your web browser. We've all grown rather comfortable with its current layout considering it hasn't really changed since the 2014 Gmail Inbox redesign that freaked us all out by sorting our emails into multiple folders.

So what can we expect from this grand redesign?  

New Features: The Verge reported the redesign would include “several new features” for Gmail users which inlude Smart Reply, email snoozing and offline support. If these features sound familiar, it's because they're already in play in Gmail's mobile app. The new design would now make these features accessible via the web as well!

Sidebar: A sidebar on the right side of your screen is what The Verge is calling “the most useful part of the redesign that makes it easier to schedule meetings, or see when you're free when replying to an email.” All it takes is a few clicks and you can easily integrate your Google Calendar, the Keep note-taking app or your task list. We don't know about you, but we're pretty excited for this feature.

Three New Layouts: The new layouts will include a default view which will highlight your attachments, a comfortable view that does not highlight attachments and a compact view that will allow you to see more emails on a single page. Not looking forward to a new layout taking over your Gmail? Stick with the compact view which is said to be the most similar to Gmail's current format. 

Self-Destruction Timer: According to TechCrunch, the redesign could come with a new security feature that would ensure only the right person could view an email—and only for a specified amount of time. When composing a message, users will have the ability to decide when an email should expire. The recipient of that email will be required to click a link and input their credentials in order to view the message. Should a user click the link after it has expired, they'll find a message saying the email is no longer availble for viewing. While copy and paste and printing will not be allowed in this mode, users would still have the ability to take a screenshot of the message. 

The redesign is expected to roll out over the next couple weeks, with some assuming it will fall in line with Google's I/O development conference May 8.

Are you ready for this Gmail redesign? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming changes below!