[Photo by: Google]

Google just announced a whole slew of new hardware during its most recent event, and one of the most surprising by far are its new Pixel Buds

These around-the-neck wireless earbuds, obviously inspired by Apple's AirPods, are impressive in several ways, but for one amazing reason in particular. They can actually translate languages for you in real time. 

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According to Google, the Pixel Buds are capable of real-time translation. The process works as such: You'd tap and hold your Pixel Buds while on your ear, speak, and what you say will be translated and played through your Pixel phone to your intended recipient. The person you're speaking to can speak into your phone and you'll hear their translated response in your Pixel Buds. 

Of course, there's no real way to tell how well this process works just yet, but it's certainly something to get excited about. It brings us one step closer to being able to communicate with others in a snap, something that's not always as simple as a button press. 

The Pixel Buds are handy in other ways as well. They're wireless save for the one around your neck, connecting to your phone via Bluetooth. They also rock about five hours of battery life with a charging case that can recharge them up to four times. 

These incredibly cool pieces of technology are scheduled for release soon. You can pick them up now via Google for $159, same as AirPods, but they won't be shipping for another 7-8 weeks.