After the announcement that they have reportedly finished their new album, Gorillaz have announced their first show since 2010 with their first-ever Demon Dayz festival in Margate, England. (via Pitchfork)

They’ll be headlining the one-day festival on June 10 at Dreamland, an amusement park, with the full line up to be announced. Check out the band's official Twitter announcement below.

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For fans who will not be able to make it to the festival, it'll be broadcast live via Red Bull TV.

The band made their returned after six years with the apocalyptic and politically-charged “Hallelujah Money” in January, which you can listen to here.

Recently, Damon Albarn told a fan that the new Gorillaz album is “finished” and that the band are currently rehearsing for a tour.

The last release from Gorillaz was 2011's The Fall. In summer 2016, news surfaced that Gorillaz's long-awaited comeback album would be given a 2017 release, via a fan-run Instagram account GorillazNorthAmerica, who apparently received the news directly from band co-creator Jamie Hewlett.

Hewlett confirmed the group’s return in January 2015, and they officially began work on the forthcoming record in the fall of 2015.

Last fall, Gorillaz shared “The Book of Noodle,” posted on the band's Twitter. The series of videos focuses on Gorillaz guitarist Noodle and her battle with shapeshifter, Mazuu. Check out those teaser videos here.

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