Gorillaz are slowly taking over the world, whether it's their highly anticipated fifth album Humanz coming out in late April, their 10-episode TV show currently in the works or even the Demon Dayz festival happening in June, it's hard not to hear news coming from the band.

Since they're already taking over the music, TV and festival world, it makes sense that now the band is taking over the world of apps with the release of the Gorillaz app that will allow you to “step inside the hallowed halls of the Gorillaz house.”

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This augmented reality app will allow fans to see the Gorillaz house through the camera of their smartphone allowing fans to answer pressing questions such as, “where does Noodle find her inner chakra? What does 2D do on his time off from being a world famous frontman? When will Russel take his vibe to the streets? And what, exactly, is in the forbidden depths of Murdoc’s lair?”

But what's better than getting to explore the house of your favorite band? Well celebrating the release of their next album at that dope house, which is exactly what this new app will allow you to do.

“Fans will be invited – via the app – to the Humanz House Party, an exclusive worldwide listening event which will allow fans to hear the new album in full for the first time,” the band said in a press release. “The Humanz House Party will be the largest ever geo-specific listening experience bringing people together across 500 locations.”

What exactly does this mean? It means you'll be able to party with other Gorillaz fans around the world while getting to listen to Humanz in it's complete entirety.

In case you're not sold yet, check out the trailer for the Gorillaz app below!

You can download the app here for iOS and here for Android.

Will we see you at the Humanz House Party? Let us know in the comments!