Oxford University has produced a new study that links interest in the gothic subculture and depression. According to the study, teenagers who identify with goth subculture at the age of 15 have three times the risk of depression and five times the risk of self-harm compared to the average teenager, reports NME

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“Our study does not show that being a goth causes depression or self-harm, but rather that some young goths are more vulnerable to developing these conditions,” Dr. Lucy Bowes tells Oxford University. The study asked about 3,700 teens to make a subcultural identification at the age of 15, and noted “feelings and events” through their 18th birthdays. 

However, the “goth” identity isn't the only one linked to depression. Teens who identified as “skaters” or “loners” linked more strongly to adult depression and self-harm, while “sporty” teens had the lowest risk.

The study will likely be used to find where help is needed in young people, and discover more about how and when certain teens seek help for mental disorders, according to the study's authors.