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[Photos via Donald Trump/Shealah Craighead via Wikimedia Commons, Green Day/YouTube]

On Wednesday, Jan. 20, Joe Biden‘s inauguration is happening. With the historic event right around the corner, a lot of Pro-Biden and Pro-Trump supporters are using social media platforms to express their thoughts on the upcoming ceremony. In particular, one of Green Day‘s most popular songs is making rounds on Pro-Trump TikToks again.

However, Green Day fans are further reminding Trump supporters what this classic song actually means.

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Green Day’s music has been at the center of a few social media trends over the past year. Back in September, fans had to remind the internet about why those “Wake Me Up When September Ends” memes aren’t actually funny. Now, it looks like listeners are back at it again on TikTok.

As Joe Biden and Kamala Harris‘ inauguration draws closer, Pro-Trump TikTokers have been using the platform to express their thoughts on the situation. In particular, a lot of Trump supporters have been using “American Idiot” to get their views across.

Earlier this month, TikToker @ckettle_3, Candance Kettlehut, posted a video saying that they didn’t want to be an “american idiot” which is why they voted for Trump.

@ckettle_3Green Day knew it all along, since 2004! ##trump2020 ##republican ##americaproud ##conservative ##wakeup ##maga ##patriots♬ American Idiot – Green Day

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Their video quickly caught TikTok’s attention for all of the wrong reasons. A lot of Green Day fans took to the video-sharing platform to remind Kettlehut and other Trump supporters about what “American Idiot” actually means.

Various TikToks even include Green Day’s performance of “Bang Bang” at the 2016 American Music Awards. During their set, Billie Joe Armstrong repeatedly says, “No Trump no KKK no fascist USA.”

@weet_wooThe cognitive dissonance in unparalleled. 10/10 ##greenday ##VisionBoard ##fyp ##bye ##biden2020♬ original sound – Michaelynn

@kid_from_the_voidGreen Day doesn’t want you @sydneysiren.official ##greenday ##billiejoearmstrong ##trump2020♬ American Idiot – Green Day

@hooplaaaa##fyp ##foryou ##foryoupageofficiall ##foryourpage ##foryoupage ##biden2020 ##trumplost ##greenday♬ American Idiot – Green Day

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TikTok user @leahova also posted a video about the actual events that inspired Green Day to write “American Idiot” in the early 2000s.

@leahovaGreat song but sad that this song is resonating again. And surprised that people think this feeling is new. ##americanidiot ##greenday ##democrats♬ American Idiot – Green Day

Green Day have been pretty outspoken about their views on Donald Trump over the years. Back in 2016, Armstrong touched on the pending 2016 election results following their performance at the MTV EMAs.

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“Most of all, it’s nice to be out of America just for a second, because of this horrendous election that’s going on right now,” he said. “Our entire country is about to have one big, collective heart attack.”

As well, let’s not forget about the recent comments he made about Trump last year. Back in November, he told NME that he felt like Trump was holding the country hostage.

“In the States, it’s been kind of crazy,” he said. “We’ve had COVID and the election, and it’s just been pretty mad around here. I think it’s inevitable that Trump has to leave, but he’s holding half of the country hostage. I can’t figure out which side – whether it’s the people that support him or the people that hate him?”

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