Green Day
[Photo by Frank Maddocks]

Green Day fans, here’s something you can’t miss: Someone uploaded the video of Billie Joe Armstrong and co. playing a show at their high school in 1990.

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During the show at Pinole Valley High School, Green Day plays songs from their first album, 39/Smooth, and one song from 1991’s Kerplunk!—yes, over a year before the record was released.

As NME points out, Armstrong and bassist Mike Dirnt attended the high school, although the frontman didn’t graduate.

User Leo Dyke, who uploaded the video, also shared the show’s setlist. The number of songs Green Day played is pretty impressive—19 in total, plus bits of other tracks.

Check out the full setlist, according to the uploader:

1. “Going To Pasalacqua”
2. “At The Library”
3. “409 In Your Coffee Maker”
4. “16”
5. “The Judge’s Daughter”
6. “Road To Acceptance”
7. “Knowledge [Operation Ivy]”
8. “Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?”
9. “1000 Hours”
10. “Don’t Leave Me” [Incomplete]
11. “Rest”
12. “Paper Lanterns”
13. “Disappearing Boy”
14. “I Don’t Know”
15. “Disappearing Boy” [Again]
16. “At The Library” [Again]
17. “I Was There”
19. “Dry Ice”

Watch the full concert below:

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