Green Day, The Simpsons
[Photo by: Green Day/Frank Maddocks, The Simpsons/YouTube]

Green Day banger “Basket Case” has been turned into a Simpsons meme. One YouTuber by the name of Juliana Egg put together the most ridiculous mashup in history, combining the song with the legendary “Steamed Hams” scene.

Additionally, the YouTuber got help from fellow creator privatecovejoe for the audio.

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Even before Egg decided to grace us all with this masterpiece, the Simpsons scene in question has been highly regarded as one of the most iconic lines from the show. The scene originates from the episode “22 Short Films About Springfield,” which aired on April 14, 1996, according to KnowYourMeme.

However, with the scene getting a pop-punk facelift, it has sprung back into popularity.

In the video, the characters go about their scene, but instead of speaking the written dialogue in its intended fashion, the audio is substituted to fit the catchy tune of the Dookie classic.

“This is the most elaborate thing I’ve ever put together in Premiere,” the YouTuber says.

You can check out the mashup below.

For comparison purposes, you can listen to the original “Basket Case” and watch the “Steamed Hams” scene below.

Recently a previously unreleased Green Day track from nearly 30 years ago surfaced online. Surprisingly, the 1989 live recording of “Stay” sounds great and we couldn’t be more pumped for more Green Day music.

Additionally, last month, we all celebrated the 25th anniversary of the legendary Green Day album Dookie. Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong reflected on the past quarter decade.

“You have to have gratitude for the bad and the ugly too,” Armstrong says of the past 25 years. “I hope people keep listening.. cause we’ll keeping playing.”

What do you think of this Simpsons/Green Day mashup? Sound off in the comments below.

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