While you may have thought Greta Van Fleet’s name took after Greta, Sharon Van Etten and Fleet Foxes, it actually hails from a sweet old lady in Michigan. 88-year-old Gretna Van Fleet lent the band her name long before the band became Grammy nominees.

However, according to the Detroit Free Press, Van Fleet says she isn’t really all that into the band. In fact, she supposedly enjoys classical music more.

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“It’s not my favorite music, and the boys know that,” says Van Fleet. “But I think they’re very talented, and I support them.”

However, in giving the band her name, she has become a celebrity around her town in Michigan.

“Every day, out in town, somebody will stop me,” says Van Fleet. “People are so excited to meet me.”

“It’s amazing how many friends I have now,” Van Fleet continues. “It’s been incredible. The family are supportive, and they think it’s fun.”

So how did the rock band go about asking her for her name? Greta Van Fleet says that the story is rather simple:

Back when they were young teenagers and searching for an adequate band name, the four-piece got inspiration after their father mentioned Van Fleet’s name. While the Kiszka’s father was out chopping wood for the elderly resident, the band started scheming about how to approach Miss Van Fleet.

“She gave us the go-ahead,” says bassist-keyboardist Sam Kiszka. “Ever since, she’s been living the rock-star life too.”

Additionally, the band say that there are many other reasons as to why they chose their band name. Greta Van Fleet cite the nomadic-nature of the name and how it relates to their “nomadic nature.”

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