grimes 2020
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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many artists are struggling right now. FACTOR, a Canadian non-profit, has been helping support local artists by continuing to distribute financial support this year. Grimes, who was born and raised in Canada, was named among the artists related to these grants.

However, after it was revealed that Grimes’ label received over $90,000 in funding in relation to the singer’s music, some are questioning why.

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Since the news about Grimes’ artist funding was brought to light, various debates have sparked online. To start, some argue that Grimes shouldn’t have received the funding because she no longer lives in Canada. Grimes is currently based in California where she is raising her son with partner, and billionaire Tesla CEO, Elon Musk.

As well, some argue that she really doesn’t need the money as she is reportedly worth over $3 million. Many believe that the $90,525 she received from FACTOR should’ve gone to artists who are actually struggling.

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However, it should be noted that Grimes does meet FACTOR’s criteria to earn funding. This is because Grimes’ label Crystal Math Music Inc. applied for the funding and met the requirements.

According to Karina Moldovan, a communications manager for FACTOR, the label met requirements for its Comprehensive Music Company program, a “full-length sound recording program accessible to eligible record labels.”

Moldovan also tells MTLblog that recipients don’t have to be full-time residents of Canada to receive funding, which is partially distributed through the Department of Canadian Heritage.

“FACTOR’s mandate is to provide assistance toward the growth and development of the Canadian music industry […] with a focus on commercial success,” she said. “In this way, FACTOR greatly differs from an arts council and should not be regarded as such.”

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The fact that Grimes still managed to meet the criteria has sparked the debate on if all artists should be able to receive funding.

What are your thoughts on Grimes receiving funding from FACTOR? Do you think funding should be accessible to all artists regardless of net worth? Let us know in the comments below.