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It’s been almost ten months since Grimes released her fifth studio album Miss Anthropocene. However, it looks like there was one detail about the album that has bothered her after all this time.

This week, fans noticed that the album’s artwork has been changed on streaming platforms. Naturally, they have a lot of reactions to the recent decision.

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When it came time to creating the Miss Anthropocene cover art, Grimes turned to the software “New Gods.” The final design ended up looking like something you’d find in an alternative universe’s Photoshop.

Just two months after the album’s release, Grimes unveiled what the original artwork was going to be. In an Instagram post, Grimes revealed that she had commissioned the cover at from the artist Rupid Leejm. However, she was told by various individuals that she shouldn’t use it. Despite her gut telling her to move forward with it, she ultimately decided not to.

“This was the original Miss Anthropocene album cover which I commissioned from one of my *favourite* artists @rupid79m I polled a bunch of ppl and everyone said not to use it (??) but I wish I trusted my gut. I fucking LOVE this painting. Maybe there’s a way to utilize it still (very open to ideas if u guys have ideas). I also love commissioning and/ or buying prints and art. It’s something I just got into this year. It’s a great way to support visual artists during the quarantine.

Normally I draw the covers myself I just wasn’t feeling it for miss A after like ten failed album covers. Ps I love what we did w Ryder and Gmunk. Not hating on that just wish I’d even kept this as the illustration in the program maybe instead of my drawing which.. is fine but not blowing my mind haha.”

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Now, after nearly ten months, Grimes has decided to change the Miss Anthropocene cover to the original artwork she had commissioned. This week, fans noticed that the album artwork has been updated on YouTube, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Although Grimes has not officially revealed why she decided to change the artwork now, fans still have a lot of thoughts about the decision. For some, they simply aren’t a fan of the new artwork’s design. Meanwhile, others are just attached to the album’s original cover art.

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Miss Anthropocene is available to stream below.

What are your reactions to Grimes changing the Miss Anthropocene album artwork? Which cover art do you like more? Let us know in the comments below.