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Grimes just released some new music in the most Grimes way ever.

This week, Grimes auctioned off cryptocurrency art pieces as part of her WarNymph Collection Vol 1, a collaboration with her brother Mac Boucher. As it turns out, this art collection includes unreleased music. However, it may be a while before fans get to hear the full songs.

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Amidst her collaboration on blink-182‘s new album and plans to get Neuralinks brain chip, courtesy of Elon Musk, Grimes has been hard at work creating new music. Back in January, Grimes teased that new music was on the way. During a recent fan Q&A, she hinted that her next album was nearly finished. However, delays amid the COVID-19 pandemic could cause the release of her new material to be pushed back.

Now, Grimes has technically released some new songs. However, it may be a while before fans can hear the entire tracks. Grimes has officially entered the world of cryptocurrency art with her new collection WarNymph Collection Vol 1The collection, which she collaborated on with her brother Mac Boucher, features 10 different pieces. Shortly after the collection’s launch, Grimes ended up making nearly $6 million in auction sales.

As it turns out, some of the art pieces are accompanied by unreleased tracks. A piece titled “Earth” features the unreleased “Ærythe” while “Mars” is accompanied by “Mars Theme.” Additionally, a demo of “Anhedonia” is included alongside a piece called “Death of the Old.” Fans can seemingly hear brief clips of the unreleased songs by clicking on the listed art pieces. However, none of the full tracks have been uploaded onto streaming platforms yet.

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Despite the fact that the collection sold out on Nifty Gateway in 20 minutes, neither the art nor songs are physically available. Why? Well, the art comes in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT). Using blockchain technology, an NFT digitally verifies the ownership and authenticity of digital art.

A percentage of the $6 million earned from the collection will be donated to the environmental NGO Carbon 180. This is likely in efforts to offset carbon dioxide and electricity that is consumed through the use of blockchain technology.

Grimes’ WarNymph collection is available to view here.

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