It's National Avocado Day — celebrate with free guacamole from Chipotle.
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Chipotle fans, we’ve made your lunch plans for you — guac is free today in celebration of National Avocado Day.

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Yes, for one day only you don’t have to hear “you know guac is extra, right?” By using the seven-digit code AVOCADO when placing an order online or in the app, you can get free guacamole on one entree, a free side of guac or a regular order of chips and guac with the purchase of an entree at participating stores. 

Chipotle has been excitedly celebrating the offer on their Twitter account all morning.




In other guacamole news, Chipotle recently sent Cardi B a lifetime supply of free chips and guac coupons because of course they did.

Their reasoning was because on the song “Dinero” she raps, “Look, they gon’ do what I say so, Cardi B and J.Lo/Talk behind my back, but never up in my face, though/I just want my money, chips, guac and queso/Y’all can kiss my ass, dame un beso.” The company sent coupons as a present to celebrate the rapper’s new baby. She’s living the dream life.

People on Twitter freaked out when they heard the news that they could get some free guacamole today.




A side of guacamole at Chipotle typically costs about $2, so it’s nice for avocado lovers to save some coin and celebrate the holiday at the same time.