This guy hacked his car to play “Africa” by Toto whenever he opens his door

March 14, 2018
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[Photo by: 8 Bit Universe/YouTube]

“Africa” is easily one of the best driving songs—or song for any occasion, really—and this guy just rigged his car to play Toto's hit whenever he opens his door. Incredible, right?

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The Toto fan and self-proclaimed Volvo enthusiast, Chris NG, customized his Volvo 240 car door. He explains via his Kickstarter that it took him about two days to put the pieces together, and he's hoping to mass produce this technology soon so everyone can have their own musical open door chime.

“This is a unique product that I would like to have the resources to make uniform and simple, so that it can easily be adapted into every vehicle,” he writes.

What a dream.

Watch the video below to see the tech in action:

So, we have to ask: What song would you want to hear when you open your car door? Sound off below!

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Written by Maggie Dickman