GWAR challenge Archie Comics
[Photos by: GWAR/Rachel Naomi, Archie Comics]

The world of Riverdale has seen some pretty epic crossovers via the Archie Comics series. Writer Alex Segura has brought to life some iconic series including Archie Meets Ramones and Archie Meets KISS.

Now, it looks like GWAR want to be the next rock band to visit Riverdale, bestowing a challenge to the writer in hopes of invading Riverdale with a crossover GWARchie comic.

We need this to happen.

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The challenge started with a simple tweet from Segura, stating that he missed writing rock band comics.

Matt Miner, a fellow comic writer and author of the GWAR comic series was quick to chime in.

“It’s pretty rad. GWAR still wants a shot at wrecking Riverdale if that idea ever gets traction.”

It didn’t take long for GWAR to respond in their typical, GWAR fashion.

“GWAR would accept this challenge and lay waste to Riverdale. The streets of your insignificant town would run red with the blood of Archie Andrews, Kevin Keller, and all their puny human friends – especially that pathetic burger-obsessed Jughead! Bring it!”

Fans were thrilled with the idea of the band creating a crossover comic with Archie.

Would you be down for a GWAR and Archie comic crossover? What other bands would you like to see visit Riverdale? Sound off in the comments below!

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