H2O and Hostage Calm will be performing at a rally for marriage equality on February 25 at Stevens Institute Of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. Check out the flyer, as well as a statement from Hostage Calm, below.

“Across this country, I’ve seen crowded rooms of anxious people ready to participate, ready to express themselves, ready to engage. It seems like all of us are always ready to be heard, but this world is so rarely prepared to hear us. Yet every once in a while, a clear opportunity arises. Marriage Equality is a defining social issue of our time, and it is being decided—for good—right now. We’ve met thousands of kids from across the world, and I have to say: across this entire spectrum of independent music, there lies a gigantic, but dormant support for marriage equality that we have to see come alive. It must.

Maryland and New Jersey are two of the states that plan to vote on marriage equality bills in the coming weeks. Both states face obstacles, but both of them are the closest they’ve ever been to establishing full legal rights for same-sex couples under the law. We will do everything we can to build support within the music community, to make that support loud and clear; and to get our message through to our lawmakers. 

Our plan is to take the commitment to justice and the energy that lives within music, and bring it together through holding rallies, benefit shows, and through online communication. To use the politics of freedom and the sound of freedom as two coequal parts of one fluid, organic movement.

But words have to be followed up action. Our first step of action is a rally in Hoboken, New Jersey with H2O and us at Stevens Institute of Technology. This show is FREE and is open to all members of the public. We will have all kinds of literature, raffles, and opportunities to get involved. “