Quite a few radio stations have been hacked recently playing one particular song that they didn't intend to broadcast.

The song in question has been YG's “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump).”

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It all started around Inauguration Day (Jan. 20) in San Angelo, Texas. 100.5 KCGF-LP, who's Facebook writes “Offering great music: Gospel, R&B, and Smooth Jazz,” suddenly began playing the song on loop for about an hour.

They were far from the only station hacked either, as stations in Tennessee, Indiana, and Kentucky who typically don't play rap music, were hacked into playing the song on loop.

However, it's beginning to look that if the hackers don't plan on making this a one-day message to the new President of the United States as more radio stations were hacked on Monday (Jan. 31.) One thing that seems to have connected all of the radio stations is the use of Barix STL device. These devices allow radio stations to connect to the device to be able to play their usual broadcats, however if they aren't secured, anyone could connect.

One station that was hacked on Monday was 107.9 WFBS-LPFM who offers “Classic Hits and Beach Music.” Frank Patterson, president and majority shareholder of the Lake Keowee Broadcasting Group, wrote on the station's Facebook page to talk about the hacking. Check out what he wrote below.

RadioInsight wrote that Patterson wrote in a later comment that the IP address they captured from the hacker was not from the United States.

One particular lyric of “FDT (Fuck Donald Trump)” includes “I like white folks, but I don't like you / all the niggas in the hood wanna fight you.”

One pirate radio station in Seattle, WA has been playing the uncensored song on loop for over a week now. Reddit user Sappity_Tappity made a post to the Seattle subreddit on Jan. 24 talking about how the station has been playing the song over and over.

“I was flipping through radio stations last night and when I hit 101.9 I heard them playing an uncensored version of FDT (Fuck Donald Trump) by YG which I thought was odd. I've tuned in to the station a couple times since then and it is just playing that song on repeat,” wrote Sappity_Tappity.

Has any radio station you listen to been hit by the hackers? Let us know in the comments!