[Photo by: kbblackwell/YouTube]

Halestorm's new album is expected later this year, and the longstanding rock act have debuted a new song, “Black Vultures,” at a recent Canadian show.

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The video was shot in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, and it's clearly epic. We can't wait to hear the studio version!

In a recent interview, the band said the anticipated follow-up to 2015's Into The Wild Life will contain some of the heaviest material they've ever recorded.

“We only have, like, two weeks left on it,” guitarist Hottinger explains. “Just some vocals and candy stuff. It rocks. It's the heaviest stuff we've ever done.” Hale further elaborates on Halestorm's new direction, citing the long length of album cycles as their impetus to explore new dynamics.

“We just don't like staying in the same lane,” singer-guitarist Hale says. “Album cycles for rock right now—it's, like, three years is one album cycle. And you're a whole different person than you were in the beginning of it. So, it's really hard for us to go back…we just keep moving forward.”

Halestorm's new album should drop sometime in 2018.

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