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The APMAs teamed up with Hopeless Records' Sub City for a special $10,000 grant program. The Wonder Years frontman Dan “Soupy” Campbell is the Sub City grant's ambassador and presented the award to Half Access, a program that gives disabled music fans a voice in accessibility issues and ableism at concert venues.

“Thank you all. It’s extremely surreal to be here,” winner Cassie Wilson says. “Yesterday I went on a plane for the first time in my life just to be here. And backstage Dan was prepping me because it's a little daunting to go in front of 3,000 people… My overall goal is to create a database of venues and in turn to educate venues on how they can improve our experience at shows. I’d just like to thank Sub City, Hopeless Records and Dan for getting me through the day. Thank you all.”

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Since launching in 1999 as the charitable arm of Hopeless Records, Sub City Records has raised more than $2 million for nonprofit organizations, taking it even further this year by giving fans across the country the chance to affect change in their own communities.

Dozens of fans submitted ideas, and the winning campaign, Half Access, took home the $10,000 grant to give disabled music fans a voice in accessibility issues and ableism at concert venues throughout the U.S. Started by Cassie Wilson, HalfAccess.org serves as a database for detailed information on venues' accessibility accomodations or lack thereof.

Watch her acceptance speech below!

“Any charity is always going to be looking for more help and more funding, more eyes and ears on what they're doing,” Campbell explained in the 2017 APMAs issue of Alternative Press. “So everyone is going to win because there are going to be more people actively thinking about the difference they can make.”

Read the full story on the Hopeless Records’ Sub City grant in the 2017 APMAs issue of Alternative Press! You can order it below:


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