halloween 2018 80s tv spot
[Photo via YouTube]

We’re just a little over two months away from the release of the next chapter in the Halloween series. The highly anticipated film has fans on the edge of their seats and apparently in the depths of editing programs as one supporter recut the new film’s trailer to look like its predecessors from the 1980s.

YouTube user VideoArchiveProject took footage of the upcoming film, gave it an ’80s makeover and dubbed it with NBC’s voiceover about the original movie coming to TV for the first time in 1981.

The clip features all the spine-chilling moments from the new trailer including the bathroom face-off and the babysitter discovering Michael Meyers in the bedroom closet. There are also plenty of moments showing Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode being a total badass.

The upcoming feature film is disregarding the previous nine sequels, having this plot take place after the original 1978 film.

The new film follows a crew of filmmakers as they investigate the events of Halloween 1978, entering the prison where Meyers is being held and taunting him with the famous mask. Meyers escapes (with the mask, of course) and seeks revenge on Strode (who according to the new trailer is no longer Meyers’ sister as the 1978 film implied).

Along with Curtis’ return, Nick Castle will reprise his role as Meyers in conjunction with newcomer James Jude Courtney who was recruited to give the slasher quick, cat-like movements.

“We talked about the character and we talked about movement,” Courtney says of director David Gordon Green, per an interview with Halloween Daily News. “He said, ‘Look, I really see a certain—yes, The Shape moves a certain way and Nick Castle was the one that created that iconic sort of presence, but I have this idea that there’s a certain cat-like quality to the efficiency and movement.’”

The original film’s director/co-writer John Carpenter will also serve as executive producer and creative consultant as well as score the 2018 film.

Halloween will hit theaters Oct. 19, and you can check out the fan-made TV spot below.