Skull-shaped asteroid “Death Comet” to pass Earth following Halloween

[Photo by: Fabian Oelkers/Unsplash]

Apparently space understands our love for Halloween, which might just explain why an asteroid dubbed the “Halloween Asteroid” will be making its way past Earth again next year.

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According to, the Halloween asteroid last made its way past Earth on the most fitting day—Oct. 31, 2015.

But what’s so special about it? It looks like an enormous skull from certain angles. Just check out the photo below:

See, science can be cool!

They explain that the asteroid might be an extinct comet that has “lost its water and other volatile materials after many laps around the sun.”

It’s supposed to take the asteroid 3.04 years to take said lap around the sun, meaning it should make another trip around Earth in November 2018.

No worries, we’re marking our calendars now. There’s nothing quite as exciting as celebrating Halloween twice: Oct. 31 and whenever the Halloween comet decides to make its way back past Earth.