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Pumpkin spice season is here, meaning it’s time to start thinking about Halloween. (As if we already don't think about Halloween 24/7.) Lip Smackers has been planning ahead too, and their Disney-inspired Halloween collection is a seriously spooky treat.

See their adorable Halloween-inspired designs below!

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To the excitement of Lip Smackers fans everywhere, these adorable Tsum Tsum lip balms will be available for purchase Sept. 27, and we’re already counting down the days.

Refinery29 are premiering the beauty brand's newest line and explain that each lip balm gets a matching nail polish, and we’re shrieking—but out of excitement, not fear, of course.

From The Little Mermaid’s Maleficent to a simply adorable Mickey and Minnie, see a few of the best Tsum Tsum lip balms hitting the market below!

halloween Minnie lip smacker

[Photo by: Refinery29]

halloween Mickey lip smacker

[Photo by: Refinery29]

maleficent lip smacker halloween

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cruella devil halloween lip smackers

[Photo by: Refinery29]

See all the Lip Smackers they’ll have available to celebrate our favorite holiday here.

Plus, last year the beauty brand featured an adorable Jack and Sally lip balm pairing for a The Nightmare Before Christmas-inspired lip balm dream, and they're still available for purchase.

Will you be picking up an adorable Lip Smackers to ring in Halloween the right way? Let us know in the comments below!