Halsey and The Story So Far

Halsey was right in the middle of all the action during last night’s The Story So Far show, going so hard in the pit she lost both earrings and scratched up her face in the process.

Our emo queen didn’t have to go that hard, but she did.

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When Halsey told fans via Twitter to catch her in the pit at The Story So Far’s gig last night, there were a few that didn’t think she was being serious.

The doubters were soon put in their place as Halsey gave fans a play-by-play of her evening, revealing that both of her earrings had flown off at some point during “Roam”.

And she didn’t stop there.

Halsey’s Instagram Story revealed she did have to step away from the pit after some eventful moshing, but it was obvious our girl was still having the time of her life.

Fan reactions were just as entertaining.

Movements opened for The Story So Far, and Pat’s reaction to hearing that Halsey was there is EVERYTHING.

How hard have you gone in the pit? Tell us those moshing horror stories in the comments below!