Halsey has finished her hopeless fountain kingdom world tour, and to celebrate, the singer unveiled a snippet of a new song.

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Finishing up the tour, Halsey gave fans a taste of a new song during her show in London on Sunday (Sept. 23).

Announced during the show, the singer will officially be unveiling her new track called “Without Me,” within the next couple of weeks. While we’ve still got some time to hear the full thing, fans at the London show got an IRL taste of the new song.

“Said I’d catch you if you fall//Does it ever get lonely?” a backing video reads, in the midst of a video of the singer.

Once the video came to a close, the singer then confirmed to fans in attendance the new song’s name, and most important of all, she informed fans that the forthcoming track will be out on Oct. 4.

Check out the fan-captured footage below:

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