Hands Like Houses have released a music video for “Introduced Species” from their latest album Unimagine

In our two-part track by track with vocalist Trenton Woodley, he told us the following about the song: 

“This song is about breaking out of the presupposed patterns of life that are handed to our generation. I'm excited that people are beginning to think about and question our role as subjects to money, advertising, government, religion—not necessarily questioning those things themselves but their influence over our individual lives. We have a unique position as a generation where we are able to connect directly with each other, and I think we are utilizing that to discuss new ideas. I believe our generation can rapidly change the “way it is” simply by understanding the systems of manipulation and domestication that exist in our lives, and therefore being better equipped to make our own decisions for our own lives and happiness. It's not about “rising up”—instead it's about coming into a completely different existence, to actually become our ideas, our motivations, our happiness, our self worth so that we are unable to be contained.”

Watch the new video below: