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Ever wished you could be Hannah Montana herself? Now you have the chance!

A series of costumes, props, and tour items from the iconic Disney series Hannah Montana are being put up for auction. That means if you’ve ever had your eye on one of the outfits Hannah herself wore in one of several hilarious episodes of the sitcom, you have the chance to make it yours once and for all.

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The sitcom helped catapult Miley Cyrus to stardom as it followed Hannah Montana, a pop star who hid her identity as Miley Stewart by day before taking on the role of blonde wig-clad Hannah by night.

The auction will include items from the Best of Both Worlds tour Miley embarked on singing songs of her own as well as Hannah’s, like a pink tank top, high-tops with a cool custom design, and a black satin jacket. There are also costumes she wore on the actual show during its 5-year run on the Disney Channel. There aren’t any previews of the items to pore over just yet, but we can only hope the set of costumes includes at least one blonde wig for the most epic Hannah Montana cosplay of all time. Just think – you could own the real thing!

According to the auction organizer Julien’s Auctions, all proceeds from the event will go toward the Wilder Minds charity, a group that works to assist the at-risk animals around the globe.

Ready to save up some gobs of cash and get in on the auction? It will take place online and onsite at the New York City Hard Rock Cafe on May 18. We’re ready – we’ll see you all there!

More on Hannah Montana

Cyrus has been in full-blown Hannah mode lately. From memeing herself in honor of the 13-year anniversary to trying out a more punk-rock look.

Not only did Cyrus rock the iconic Hannah Montana-like hair, she also gave her old character a weird, but much-appreciated twist, perfect for SWMRS fans.

“Hannah is punk now,” the tweet’s caption reads. Check out the new and improved character below.

Following Cyrus’ Twitter bender, SWMRS made a reference to their song, “Miley.” In the song, the opening line is, “Miley is a punk rock queen.” Additionally, the music video layers shots from Cyrus’ old videos from back when she played the Disney star.

In a tweet, the band ask Cyrus if she has heard the song.

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