Hard Rock Cafe
[Photo by: Conor Samuel]

The Hard Rock has opened its doors and reservations for a new, unique-guitar shaped hotel, the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in late October. The hotel is located in Hollywood, Florida, with setting itself apart with its guitar shape. 

Construction started over two years ago with the hotel ultimately costing $1.2 billion. The guitar-shaped hotel sits at 450 feet tall with over 600 rooms. Sizes start at 515 feet where a traditional hotel room and industry standard is 400 feet. Guests are also greeted by Elvis Presley’s gold-plated piano that will be temporarily on display.

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Upon its opening, a list of events were held as celebrities such as Johnny Depp, Bella Thorne and the Chainsmokers witnessed a guitar smashing and live performances from Maroon 5, Sting, Alicia Keys, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Billy Joel.

One of the more exciting features of the hotel is the Hard Rock Live, a music venue that aims to host 100 concerts a year. The venue can also host a handful of other events such as boxing, comedy shows and more. Kevin James, Chris D’Elia, George Lopez and John Mulaney and Pete Davidson are among the comedians who will be stopping by the venue over the next month. See a full list of upcoming events here.

With music as a fierce driving force behind the Hard Rock, the hotel will additionally host a free light show, complemented with sound and water choreography. The production includes six beams projecting 20,000 feet into the sky to mimic a guitar neck. You can see a video of that below with a schedule here.

Aside from music galore, the hotel houses multiple casinos, night clubs, bars and restaurants. Right outside is a 13.5-acre pool and a lagoon for water sports. This doesn’t even include the pools inside the hotel, with some rooms having a private pool. 

If you want to book a room, most are currently unavailable, however, there is one room starting at $777 (before resort fees of course, beefing it up to approximately $953).

You can get more information on the hotel and bookings here.

More on the Hard Rock

Orlando, Florida’s Hard Rock hotel is home to Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz iconic tuxedo T-shirt that he wore in 2005’s “Dance, Dance” music video.

According to Twitter user @thetimtracker, one of the rooms features a large display of Wentz’s shirt. About five minutes into the Youtube video, he showcases the display that sits over the beds. The avid traveler states “this is the first time they’ve put memorabilia in the room, so here is Pete Wentz’s shirt from Fall Out Boy. This is amazing!”

Check out the video below.

Will you be spending a night or two at the guitar shaped hotel? Who would you like to see perform? Let us know below!

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