harry potter wizards unite
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Get your wands ready, the highly anticipated Harry Potter mobile game, Wizards Unite, has arrived.

Following a similar design to Pokemon: Go, the new game plans to take players through an immersive world to capture magical creatures.

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Originally setting a release date of June 21, the game hit the iOS and Android app stores today to the delight of HP fans everywhere.

The original release date announcement clearly set the release for tomorrow, sharing the news via Twitter.

“The worldwide launch of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite begins this Friday, June 21! Keep your eyes peeled and wand ready for more information as the game goes live in your region soon. #WizardsUnite,” the tweet reads.

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Fans have already begun sharing gameplay footage, showing off the roaming capabilities and monster battles.

While many are enjoying the new interactive experience, some are finding a few early bugs in the game’s design.

As previously reported, the Harry Potter app is co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive and its new sub-brand Portkey Games. Like “Pokemon Go,” players “roam the real world collecting power-ups, defending locations and exploring their environment.”

The story will focus on the Statute of Secrecy Task Force. Your job is to hunt out and capture rogue creatures, people and objects that have escaped from the wizarding world.

It will use the same GPS and AR abilities as Pokemon GO, but players will also be able to access Portkeys in the AR world. These will transport them to a completely virtual one. The virtual world will include infamous locations from the Harry Potter universe.

Have you entered the Wizards Unite world yet? Sound off in the comments below!

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