Harry Styles
[Photo via YouTube]

On this week’s episode of borderline crazy tattoo decisions, musician Kelsy Karter may have gotten the wildest tattoo we’ve seen yet. Karter shared a photo set of her brand-new Harry Styles tattoo on Twitter. However, there’s a small catch; The tattoo takes up her entire cheek.

The tattoo appears to be a portrait of the ex-One Direction member’s face. Done with very basic line work, the subject of the tattoo can be hard to recognize at first glance.

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Check out the Harry Styles-inspired tattoo below.

Pictured with Karter is tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste. Lacoste owns the California Dream tattoo parlor in Los Angeles where he specializes in very detailed, tiny tattoos.

We are seriously hoping this tattoo is fake. However, in addition to the photos on her Twitter, Karter shared a video of her actually getting the tattoo on her Instagram story.

Of course, the tattoo has gotten quite a bit of attention from fellow tattoo enthusiasts on social media. However, the feedback isn’t exactly very nice.

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On the flip side, some people say that Karter has every right to tattoo whatever she wants onto her body. Additionally, many people are speculating that a well-known tattoo artist, such as Lacoste, would never put that on someone’s face.

What do you think of this Harry Styles face tattoo? Sound off in the comments below.

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