harry styles kelsy karter tattoo
[Photos via Kelsy Karter/Youtube]

Musician Kelsy Karter has gained popularity for seemingly getting a tattoo of Harry Styles on her right cheek.

The tattoo had many people asking “Why?” but the day after she debuted her ink, the singer dropped a video for her single “Harry” which might make more sense.

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The song is an obviously an ode to the former One Direction member, whom Karter gushed to Billboard about.

“I love that he’s from the pop world and went and did a rock album and introduced kids to rock ‘n’ roll, to sounds they wouldn’t have otherwise heard. Everything he’s doing is amazing and bold. I want to be a female version of that in my career,” she said.

She also said she strategically planned to drop the video before Feb. 1, Styles’ birthday.

Karter’s ink doesn’t make an appearance in the video, but it definitely helps explain her devotion a bit more. It seems like everyone has Harry Styles fever, but she definitely took it to another level. 

It’s still not confirmed whether or not the tattoo is legit. It’s very possible it could be a, very brilliant, marketing stunt to promote Karter’s song, and that it’s really just pen on her face. If it is real though, you have to applaud the dedication.

Incase you haven’t seen the crazy tattoo, check it out below.


Pictured with Karter is tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste. Lacoste owns the California Dream tattoo parlor in Los Angeles where he specializes in very detailed, tiny tattoos.

We need our questions answered though: is this real and what does Harry Styles think about all of this?

Check out Karter’s video for “Harry” below.

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