[Photos by: Warner Bros., Barge Lady Cruises]

If you simply can't get enough butterbeer in your system, or you find that the new Hogwarts Mystery mobile app leaves you wanting, you may want to consider taking a nice cruise—a Harry Potter-themed river cruise, that is.

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Barge Lady cruise company is casting off on a totally Potter-fied cruise package that comprises a week-long wind down England's River Thames, stopping in at various filming locations from the franchise and offering a menu of Hogwarts-inspired cuisine. Specifically, the cruise will include visits to Virginia Water (the location where Harry rode the Hippogriff in Prisoner Of Azkaban and Hermione passed messages in Goblet Of Fire), Picket Post Close (the stand-in for 4 Privet Drive in The Sorcerer's Stone), Oxford’s Chris Church College (which inspired the Great Hall Of Hogwarts) and the Harry Potter tour at Warner Bros. Studios.

The unique cruise was created by resourceful Harry Potter fan and Barge Lady founder Stephanie Sak. “The itinerary is my baby and it has been a professional highlight to see it come to fruition,” she recently told Good Morning America. The trip sets sail on the company's Magna Carta craft from Hampton Court, in Richmond Upon Thames, London, and runs from Aug. 5-11 and Aug. 19-15, according to Entertainment Weekly. Save your silver Sickles and and golden Galleons, though, because the cruise runs about $4,190 per person.

Get more information on the Harry Potter cruise here.

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