There have been an endless amount of amazing Harry Potter-themed destinations: bed and breakfasts, a wizarding school and now there’s a HP-themed restaurant opening its doors, and we we’re already drooling over the menu. (via Cosmopolitan)

Take a peek at the Hogwarts-inspired dishes below!

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The restaurant will be opening in London this summer, just in time to celebrate the first book in the series’ 20th anniversary.

It’ll be open at the Library, and dishes include Butterbeer or Firewhiskey as a “welcome cocktail,” with other incredibly intriguing dishes include the “Hogwarts letter,” made of edible rice paper, the “Secret Keeper,” which is smoked anguilla, and a final “Honeydukes” cake for dessert.

Check out the full menu here!

The tickets were running £75 per person—although they do appear to be sold out at this point. But keep your wizarding minds open for the hope of more tickets being released—or more restaurants with Harry Potter-inspired menus to open their doors!

While we wait for a restaurant to make its way stateside, we’ll just take our Hogwarts house sorting quiz to see which house we belong to based on our music taste and get our robes prepped and ready to go.

How stoked would you be to go to a Harry Potter-inspired restaurant? Let us know in the comments below!