[Photos by: Warner Bros.]

Last night's 75th Golden Globe Awards briefly brought Hermione Granger and Cedric Diggory back together… sort of!

Erstwhile Harry Potter actors Emma Watson and Robert Pattinson teamed up to present the award for Best Limited Series at Sunday's televised ceremony, and Twitter lit up with love for the former co-stars—check it out.

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As reported by Bustle, Watson and Pattinson were onstage but a few short seconds to award a Golden Globe to Big Little Lies (and its executive producer Andrea Arnold), but that was apparently just enough time for hardcore Potterheads to get their wands all aglow with excitement. We're going back to Hogwarts, y'all! Pack the canary creams and gillyweed…

It's been almost seven years since the final Harry Potter came out, so why not relive a little magic? And it's been even longer since we've seen Cedric in Potterworld, since the Triwizard champ was last on screen in 2005's Goblet Of Fire. But, no matter—it's Yule Ball time, and Watson and Pattinson were momentarily magical onstage at the Globes.

See some tweets and watch the video below.