[Photo by: Warner Bros.]

If you've been dreaming of being a charms master with your very own wand, your dreams are now a reality. Jakks Pacific has introduced Spell Casting Harry Potter wands, and they're as magical as they sound.

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With 11 different spells to master, you'll be busy perfecting your wingardium leviosa (not levioSA).

The wands have a motion sensor that tracks your arm and wrist motion, ensuring you're performing all 11 spells correctly. Plus, each spell has a unique series of motions for you to perfect.

Once you have the spells down, you and your friends can duel one another in “wizard mode,” which is kind of like a “magical laser tag.”

So they don't *actually* wield magic, but our muggle hearts still love it. Business Wire explains that the wands should be available this fall.

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