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Did you realize that when you say the name of He Who Must Not Be Named, you're likely saying it wrong?

That's right: Pottermore is schooling us all when it comes to Harry Potter pronunciation, and it turns out we maybe haven't been saying our favorite wizarding words and names right all along…

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The list is eight words and names long (including Hermione herself—yes, the lead character that we know and love!), and it's brilliant.

As they explain, Lord Voldemort is pronounced more like “Lord Voldemor”—that “t” is silent, as J.K. Rowling shared, shocking us just as much as it did when we said his name for the first time.

The magical site also explains that Knuts, you know, the currency the wizarding folks use, are pronounced “ca-nuts,” emphasizing the “k.” Little did we know…

It also includes “Wizengamot,” which is actually pronounced as “we-zen-gaa-mought.” Also Firenze's name is “more akin to ‘frenzy’ than ‘fire.'” 

Plus, Morsmordre is more like “mores-more-druh” and the stonelike bezoar is more like “be-zor.” 

Professor Slughorn introduced his N.E.W.T. students to that love portion “Amortentia,” which is pronounced with all the sharp “t”s. Who would've known?

And, in case you weren't certain, Hermione is “her-my-oh-nee.” Question, answered.

It's time to read the series again and see what else we spot. Let's be real, there are certainly other magical words we've likely been pronouncing wrong all these years.

We'll just have to wait for the Potter world to tell us more!

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