Ohio's principal screamo band Hawthorne Heights are following up their 2013 release, Zero, and previous EPs Hate and Hope, with a brand new track from their forthcoming EP, titled Hurt. “The Darkest Times” finds the four-piece producing a sound that long-time fans will surely take to quickly, one reminiscent of the band's output on their beloved 2004 debut, The Silence In Black And White. Lyrically appropriate in regards to the titles of both the track and the EP its featured on, “The Darkest Times” focuses on the misery involved with recovering from an unhealthy relationship sustained for far too long.

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Hawthorne Heights' Hurt EP is available for pre-order now in a wide variety of bundles, with items including vinyl, t-shirts, drumsticks, handwritten lyrics and even a download of their cleverly titled, five-song Ohio Is For Covers bonus release. Listen to the first taste of the new effort below and let us know your thoughts.