Hayley Williams

It’s not always easy being the opening band. You’re grateful for the audience to hear your music, but sometimes you have to win over those who are less than happy to listen to anyone save the headliner.

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Paramore are currently on Tour 5 with Foster The People and special guest Jay Som, who has been opening for the tour. During a recent show, one fan pointed out on Twitter that a very rude man in the crowd was screaming “who are you” and yelling for Hayley Williams during the LA singer’s entire opening set.

Unsurprisingly, Hayley was angered to hear that someone was disrespecting her fellow stage-mates, and was quick to respond quite passionately: “if any of us hears about this happening again, someone from the venue will find you and you will be asked to leave. show respect & gratitude to bands who travel far & work their asses off to play for you.”

We love and respect you Jay Som. Check out her music below:

Paramore are currently touring the States before heading over to Asia. You can grab tickets here.

Do you feel that supporting acts don’t get the respect they deserve? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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