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Rumors are continuing to swirl that Hayley Williams is about to drop a follow-up album to her debut LP Petals For Armor.

However, Williams just squashed one of the cryptic clues floating around about this mysterious Flowers For Vases project.

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Last year, Hayley Williams ventured outside of Paramore to debut her first-ever full-length solo venture Petals For Armor. Although it’s been less than a year since the history-making album’s release, it looks like Williams may have more solo music on the way.

Over the past few days, fans have noticed a series of cryptic clues emerge surrounding a project called Flowers For Vases. To start, hayleywilliams.com officially redirects to FlowersForVases.com.

The website’s homepage includes a black and white animation of a cross, flowers and candles. As well, there’s brief audio of Williams singing “my limb” over and over again.

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As well, numerous fans have received doll parts in packages directly from Williams herself. Twitter user @roxymoure received a package that had a doll arm with the phrase “plant me” printed on a tag. The item, which was wrapped in white fabric, was even signed by Williams.

Not long after, even more fans posted that they also received these mysterious packages of various doll limbs. These surprise packages from Williams correspond back to the audio of her saying “my limb.”

Amidst all of this, numerous Flowers For Vases Instagrams have launched. Over the past few days, one unverified account has shared a series of messages that fans have managed to decode. One clever fan was able to translate a cryptic post and the secret message reportedly says “FRUITANDVIGOR.”

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However, it turns out that the Instagram account @flowers.for.vases is not affiliated with Williams. On Monday, Williams shared on her personal Instagram that she had nothing to do with that now-deleted Flowers For Vases Instagram.

Although she has squashed the theories and clues to emerge from that Instagram account, her posts do confirm that she is aware of the speculation surrounding Flowers For Vases.

“Not my words not my account, but thank you for caring.”

[Photos via @Yelyahwilliams on Instagram]

Williams first hinted that new solo music may be on the way earlier this month. She shared a brief clip seemingly saying she is making her own version of Taylor Swift‘s folklore.

“We don’t need drums if this is my folklore.”

Swift ended up releasing her latest album evermore only a few months after folklore‘s debut. So, Williams’ comment does further tie into the theories that a new solo album could be on the way.

A lot of the imagery for these Flowers For Vases clues do relate to the Petals For Armor era. The flowers in the projects’ names is an obvious similarity. As well, Williams used the roots imagery, which relates to her “plant me” tags, throughout Petals For Armor on songs such as “Watch Me While I Bloom” and “Roses/Lotus/Violet/Iris.”

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Ultimately, many fans are theorizing that Flowers For Vases could be the title of a new solo album from Williams. Given the similarities between the hints shared and Petals For Armor, some think it could be a direct follow up to her debut.

As well, fans are continuing to speculate when this rumored Flowers For Vases material could arrive. Twitter user @dakotaburnz recently shared a pretty good theory that Williams may drop some new music on Thursday, Jan. 28 which is a full wolf moon. The theory seemingly stems from a tweet Williams liked last year and its relation to the Flowers For Vases artwork.

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The arrival of these clues is interesting seeing as Paramore have been teasing new music for the past few months. Speculation about a new Paramore album has been swirling since last fall. Back in October, some slight changes to the band’s social media platforms led to fans theorizing new music could be on the way. Then, following a comment from Jimmy Fallon, Paramore shared a cryptic message seemingly confirming they are working on new music.

More recently, fans have been theorizing a new Paramore era is among us. In December, Williams debuted a new hair color that is throwing fans back to the Riot! days. Many speculate that the sudden hair change is Williams’ subtle confirmation a new Paramore era is starting.

It’s possible that these Flowers For Vases clues could be hinting at a new Paramore album. However, seeing as hayleywilliams.com redirects to flowersforvases.com, most believe these clues are about Williams’ solo music.

What are your reactions to these Flowers For Vases clues? Do you think Hayley Williams is about to drop another solo album? Let us know in the comments below.