HD remaster of ‘Final Fantasy XII’ is finally hitting the US

June 6, 2016
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Final Fantasy is in the news for a reason other than getting plagiarism accusations from a nü-metal band. After circulating rumors for years, a HD remaster, international edition of the game's awesome 12th installment has officially been announced for Playstation 4. Check out the trailer below!

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According to IGNFinal Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age will arrive in 2017 and was previously not available in the United States. The Zodiac Age includes the Zodiac job system, which is a reimagined battle system. Also offering improved controls and graphics, the new game features remastered character models and cutscenes. There's even an option to switch between a remastered soundtrack and the new soundtrack. 

Two more upgrades are: a new trial mode with over 100 battle levels of increasing difficulty and New Game Plus, which grants those who complete the game an option to restart with special items and abilities.

Square Enix owns the Final Fantasy franchise, which is a science fiction and media company focused on role-playing video games.

Written by Caitlyn Ralph