Today, Taking Back Sunday’s John Nolan’s curated compilation Music For Everyone has officially been released, with all proceeds going to support the ACLU.

The compilation features a brand new track from Frank Iero, “Getting Into Heaven Can Be Hell,” which you can listen to below.

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Iero explains that this song didn’t feel right anywhere else, and he thought Nolan’s compilation would be the perfect fit.

“It’s a track I wrote and recorded around the time of ‘Stomachaches’ and just didn’t feel right putting it on anything else. All of a sudden, this came up and it would be perfect for it,” Iero told Upset. “So, that’s the track that’s going on it. It’s called ‘Getting Into Heaven Is Hell.' I’m excited.”

Also featured are new songs from Taking Back Sunday, Cam Boucher of Sorority Noise, Sleep On It and more. Listen to the entire curated compilation below.

The proceeds from the sales aim to help raise funds to support the fight against discrimination.

“In the next four years, there is a lot of potential to see policies that will discriminate against people of color, Muslims, women and the LGBT community,” Nolan explains. “The ACLU has a long history of fighting discriminatory and unconstitutional policies, and I wanted to do something to unite people in support of that fight.”

Listen to Iero’s new track, along with the rest of the compilation, below. It is available for purchase, with all funds going to the ACLU, here.

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