What’s better than a My Chemical Romance music video? Honestly, not much—except maybe when we hear an isolated vocal track from the original. This time around, we have a beautiful vocal isolation from the band’s “Helena,” and we can’t get enough.

Give it a listen below!

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Former My Chemical Romance guitarist Ray Toro opened up recently about how Frank Iero's accident last year was a reality check for himself and the rest of the band, noting that although they are no longer together, they have still stayed close.

“That is one of the great things—we are still close friends and close family. We all keep an eye, even if we are not in touch with each other every day we all know what all the other guys are up to,” Toro said.

If you want to test your MCR knowledge, take a go at the lyric quiz for “I’m Not Okay (I Promise)” and let us know how you do!

Check out the track below.

What are your thoughts on this version of “Helena”? Let us know in the comments!

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