Jeffree Star is stunning on the front of the newest issue of AP. Wondering how to get that look? Well, you're in luck!

The music, makeup and internet personality has posted a tutorial video documenting his AP cover shoot look. Watch it below, and be sure to grab AP 340 online here and in-stores now (check the store locator here)!

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In the video, Star says about his cover announcement, “The support I got from everyone from my old punk rock days in the rock world to the makeup world was so overwhelming, and you guys came really hard.”

“So, I wanted to recreate the makeup look for this cover—it is very Jeffree—it's very me,” Star continues.

Star rocks glittery pink eye shadow and classic pink lips in the cover shoot.

On AP, Star says, “I'm really honored to be a part of this—this magazine is something I grew up reading as a punk rock kid in high school that really didn't fit in and really didn't know really where to fit in, and I found so many creative outlets through music and makeup.

This magazine definitely helped me through some crazy times in life just to be a part of a scene that accepted me for who I was.”

AP 340 also features Pierce The Veil, Halestorm, 5 Seconds To Summer, Set It Off, Microwave and more! A variety of awesome bundles are still available (listed above Star's video). Also, subscribe to AP here.



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